about 'Japanese Fair Play' server

中国語の説明はこちら(Explanation by Chinese)
韓国語の説明はこちら(Explanation by Korean)

日本語による説明(Explanation by Japanese) Explanation by English(英語による説明)
 このサーバでは、他のRabbitサーバとは異なるルールとマナーを採用しています。 下記の説明を良く読んで、同意される方のみご参加ください。 また、このルールはまだかなり穴があると思いますので、 何かご意見がありましたら随時お知らせください。 よろしくお願いいたします。 With this server, I adopt a rule and a manner to be different from other Rabbit server. Please read the following explanation well, and only one agreed to please participate. Thank you :-)
禁止事項 A Prohibition Matter
* Don't use heavy weapons (Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Gun)
    I prohibit heavy weapons use in a towards other people purpose. I admit use only in an anti-vehicle purpose. But, at the time of a confused fight with a vehicle, it will be unavoidable to hit a person. About a rocket launcher of Rocket Hog, I accept towards other people use only at the Hog running. Please do not use Rocket Hog for ambush defense in CTF game.
* Don't kill an enemy just after revival (Prohibition of SK)
    Let's wait till an enemy fixes armament, and battle preparations is set. But you may counterattack it when an enemy showed the behavior to attack you immediately (for example, an enemy points the muzzle to you and strikes you).
* Don't ambushing (Prohibition of Camp)
    I prohibit the tactics attacking the enemy who happened to pass without noticing you while lying hidden in a building or rock shade. But when you defend a base in a CTF game, you may ambush an enemy, but limit it to the place where a flag is seen. In addition, it is possible to have been an encounter head even if you seem to have taken an ambush. Please be careful easily not to criticize an enemy.
* Don't attack a chief left unattended
    Because something rose in real world, there is a possibility that he gets impossible to operate a chief temporarily. Please leave him alone. However, it will be unavoidable when his muzzle turned to you at the moment when you found him even if you attack him. On the other hand, when you leave a chief unattended for a break and a chat, let's do consideration to be able to move a chief as much as possible in the place that does not interfere and turn to his muzzle below.
    In addition, please refrain from long time leaving in the crowdedness. It becomes annoying to the person who wants to participate newly. When we found such a leaving, I may kick it from a server.
* Don't kill by running over
    I prohibit bodily crash attack by HOG and GHOST and BANSHEE. But a fault in confused fight or transfer will be unavoidable.
* Don't interfere with a run of HOG (in a game of a race and a rally)
    I prohibit ambush attack for HOG doing a race. Only for time riding together with running HOG, attack is admitted. In addition, you may do a race on foot, but, in that case, must not attack HOG doing a race. A rally is similar, too.
推奨事項 A Recommended Matter
* Let's say hello
    If you participated in a game, let's say hello for all the members immediately. Even 'hi' is enough. When you stopped a game, you had better say something. Other people will return it with 'bye' or 'see you' for it.
* Leaving will not interfere
    When you get impossible to operate it for a while by time changing setting or long chatting time, let's move to the place that does not interfere with a game beforehand. And let's point the muzzle below. Even it can be defeated for confused fights by mistake, but please don't be angry. In addition, let's come out of a server for other participants when you are separated from a PC for a while.
* Will be careful to language of a chat
    When you got mad, please choose words as possible calmly. Let's stop abusive language.
* Let's apologize in (TK) which has defeated a friend
    It will be good speaking of 'sorry' immediately. You may abbreviate it to 'sry'. But, at the time of a confused fight, he does not notice you even if he does TK or cannot chat immediately. Even if he does not apologize, please don't be angry very much. In addition, let's answer 'np' (abbreviation of no problem) if he apologized.
* When you want to step on HOG of the friend who is going to run off
    It seems to be a general method that tell because you shoot HOG with a gun. Because even this server accepts this method, be not surprised because it was shot by a friend. When it was shot by a friend, let's stop HOG. And let's wait for him to get in it. But there will be no help for it when there is attack of an enemy even if it cannot stop. Because he can mistake it for attack of an enemy, please don't be angry even if he does not stop. In addition, it will not be necessary to stop when you do competition of a narrow margin in a race.

About Game Contents

* Current Map Cycle is shown below
1.Blood Gulch (BUNGIE-CTF)
2.Sidewinder (BUNGIE-CTF)
3.Denger Canion (BUNGIE-CTF)
4.IceField (BUNGIE-CTF)
5.Infinity (BUNGIE-CTF)
6.TimberLand (BUNGIE-CTF)
7.Gephyrophobia (BUNGIE-CTF)
8.DethIsland (BUNGIE-CTF2)
-------------- -------------
9.Blood Gulch (Team Hog Race)
10.TimberLand (Team Hog Race)
11.Infinity (Team Hog Race)
12.DethIsland (Team Hog Race)
BUNGIE-CTF : 3旗先取のCTFゲームです。自陣に自旗がないと得点できません。モーショントラッカーに敵が写りません。味方の攻撃(FF)が当たります。
BUNGIE-CTF2 : 上記に加え、乗り物の設定を変更しています。スコーピオン(戦車)が出ません。その他の乗り物は両陣営に2台ずつあります。
Team Hog Race : 乗り物はホグだけです。勝利条件は、チームの中の誰か一人が先に5周することです。味方の攻撃(体当たりを含む)が無効です。
BUNGIE-CTF : CTF game by three flag to win. If our base does not have our flag, we cannot get a score. Enemies does not appear in the radar (Motion Tracker). FF (attack from a friend) is effective. Please be careful to shooting by mistake.
BUNGIE-CTF2 : As well as the above, I change setting of vehicles. Scorpion (tank) does not appear. Other vehicles are exist in both side by two of them.
Team Hog Race : Vehicles are only Hog. Then five laps of somebody in a team is victories of the team. FF (attack from a friend including a bodily crash of vehicles) is null and void.
#(March 27, 2006) Provisionally I remove Race games from the Map Cycle, because I think it is not followable or spoiling the fun.



Please login by the following password after having agreed as above to participate in this server.



This rule & manner took suggestion of Hitomi and MARIO into account. I thank both persons.
In addition, a manager of this server is 20thcRabbit, and 20thcRabbit does the last judgment, but in this server game please listen to an opinion of MARIO and 370 and AZ when I am not in this game.